is not a spiritual website. This website is designed to awaken people from the dream state, it is not designed to rock them even deeper into sleep so they can feel falsely happy in a more persistent dream.

Please note that English is not my native language.
If you detect mistakes or incorrect grammar, please contact me.

Domestic Points.
Basically this website is complete and whole in its content, but sometimes something changes or there are new insights or new methods that can be helpful. News about this will be published on the "News" page, the link can be found in the column on the right.

It is important to read the entire website from start to finish to draw the highest possible benefit from it. Of course you can click around at first, but when you decide to get started you really should go through the entire website chronologically.

Finally, an unnecessary but yet important remark: You came here voluntarily and you decide for yourself whether or not to work with the material; I cannot be held accountable for any positive or negative result.

If you run into a problem or get stuck while doing Autolysis and/or Self-examination, you can always ask me a question using the contact form.

Last tip: click now and again on the 'Banner' at the top of the page to refresh the page in case of changes. I wish you success and a fascinating journey.

The Invitation.
Every moment of every day throughout our lives we are invited to wake up. Every nanosecond of every second again and again and it's never too early and never too late to accept the invitation.

Usually the invitation will pass us by, but when we recognize it ... that is the perfect time to open our eyes and see what is true. Then it's time for us to shake off all the nonsense and drama so we can experience life as it really is.

People who come to visit this website are getting the invitation to wake up from the dream this way. Waking up can be done by using the Self-inquiry and Autolysis offered on this website.

This website is about realizing that everything we experienced to be 'real' or 'reality' in our lives has nothing to do with what is actually true. This can be disconcerting, it's up to you to determine whether or not you're ready for it.

Waking up.
When we awaken we realize that we have lived our whole life in a dream state and we will understand that we can only truly live once we see beyond the illusion. Problems can only be solved when we recognize whereon they are based, we cannot see that when we abide in dreamland.

There are not many people who really want to wake up and face the reality of existence and themselves as it really is. Most people prefer to trade in their current dream in return of a nicer and more pleasant dream or hold on to their current dream because it is already nice and pleasant.

Only people who want to know what truth is, no matter what this truth implies or what the consequences will be, are prepared to truly awaken from the dream state.

Mature versus Immature.
Waking up is the difference between mentally staying a child and mentally becoming an adult. It is not about 'child' and 'adult' related to age, it's about emotional-spiritual immaturity and emotional-spiritual maturity related to how well we are able to experience true reality and recognize the dream state for what it is.

Although we call someone of older age an adult, it is possible that this person still is an emotional-spiritual child. It is possible that a man of 65 years old has never gotten emotional-spiritually older than 11 years and it is quite possible that a child of 11 years is already emotional-spiritually mature.

Of course there is nothing wrong with emotional-spiritual immaturity as long as we believe we are 'happy', but it's a personal disaster when we realize that we aren't 'happy'. Nevertheless, it is rare that anyone who believes to be 'happy' can recognize the invitation to wake up.

To avoid unnecessary confusion I need to talk about people who call themselves 'spiritual' or say they are in a 'spiritual process'. Many spiritual people believe they are awake and actually claim they experience true reality, but that is not so.

These 'spiritual' people proclaim we are all one, that all is love and that everything will be fine as long as we think positive and act positive, but all they have done is create a new enjoyable dream for themselves and they are still emotional-spiritual children in a dreamed up playground.

The only thing New-age and most modern spirituality have to offer is a new dream. There is nothing wrong with that, but it has nothing to do with truth or awakening.

Awakening from the Dream.
I'm not going to explain in detail how it works. It is of no importance to intellectually understand it. To intellectually understand something is still an understanding in the dream state and our intention is to awaken from the dream state.

This site only conveys the handles that can be used to stop dreaming and see what truth really is, so you can finally start living.

Awakening from the dream state is not a fun trip and Autolysis is not a pleasant method. Some people compare it to 'skinning yourself alive', 'slowly sinking in a shoreless sea', or 'destroying yourself with a nuclear blast'. You don’t do it because you like it, you do it because you have no other choice.

No Other Option.
There are only a handful of people who really want to know what is true. They have to know what the true reality of this existence is and who and what they are. They are willing to give up and lose everything because they have no other option.

For absolute and total freedom you must sacrifice some things, and if you begin this trip you do it because you cannot not do it. Not being free and not being awake should no longer be an option and continuing the old way of being should no longer be an alternative.

Waking up is a selfish act. Only people who are willing to literally give up and lose everything are the people who are looking for emotional-spiritual maturity. Those are the people who really want to wake up from the dream state and want to experience what truth and reality is.

This website is meant for those people.

Frits Spoelstra /