From this point on I'm going to assume you read Welcome, What is this? and Who are you? and you know what you're getting yourself into and especially what I am going to talk about. If you have not read these three pages, it is wise to do so before proceeding.

The Content.
The Autolysis, as I present it, consists of a number of related subjects, including autolysis itself (developed and published by Jed McKenna as 'spiritual autolysis').

Here you find a list of the pages with information that can help you awaken from the dream state. The links to the pages are located in the right bar, but if you follow the text, you will automatically be directed from page to page.

I know that some people, including myself, prefer to go straight to work and rarely read the preface, but in this case I would strongly suggest you do.

This is the 'preliminary work' to determine who and what you are by examining who and what you are not.

Autolysis I:
A brief description by Jed McKenna of what Autolysis is.

Autolysis II:
Here you start investigating the adopted and accepted reality — that which you think you are and what you think the world and life in general is — and you will try and prove it true or not.

Integrating new insights and/or a new 'reality'. You will use this when you get stuck with the Autolysis or when you're done with the Autolysis.

Breathing correctly is very important for your body and your mind. Breathing is part of Integration, but can also be used independently.

By feeling without judging what you feel you disconnect your emotions and thoughts from the story that you make yourself believe about those emotions and thoughts. Feeling is part of Integration, but can also be used independently.

In closing, a few final comments and 'pointers'.

Read all the pages listed above at least once before you get started, then you'll know what is coming and in addition you will absorb it better when you actually begin to work with it.

This is an additional method or exercise that you can use to awaken in or from the dream state. It is not necessarily a part of Autolysis, but can be used as a follow-on.

Memento Mori
Memento Mori, 'Remember that you will die', means that with everything you do you are aware of the simple but inescapable fact that you will die. Every step you take could be the last one and each exhalation may simply never be succeeded by inhalation.

The Bonuses.
I have three bonuses for you. They are not part of the Autolysis, but can be helpful.

Four Questions:
These questions can be used when you get stuck and you feel restless or agitated about something. Here you can also download an e-book of Byron Katie (the developer of the four questions) for free.

A list of books that I dare to suggest. You do not have to read them, but they might support the process.

PDF Autolysis:
A PDF of the full text of this website. You can download it and use it as an E-book or print it on old-fashion paper.

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